Outcomes that Speak for Themselves

Case Results

If you are filing for bankruptcy, you deserve the support and advocacy of an experienced attorney. Rest assured that Sandra L. Hibsch, P.A. delivers the results-driven representation you need to overcome your financial challenges and get a fresh start. With 20+ years of experience, Attorney Sandra L. Hibsch has achieved impressive results for clients throughout Tampa. See for yourself – read our firm’s case results below.

  • 2nd Mortgage Stripped After Chapter 13 Filed
    Built-Up Home Equity
    Built-Up Home Equity - Debtors were able to get their 2nd mortgage stripped in their Chapter 13 bankruptcy to give them equity in their home when they were underwater before the case was filed.
  • Stopped Repossession & Able to Pay Car's Value
    Saved Car from Repo Man
    Saved Car from Repo Man - Debtor stopped her car's repossession in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and was able to pay its value and not what she owed, saving her thousands.
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debts
    Stopped Wage Garnishment
    Stopped Wage Garnishment - Debtor was able to stop creditor from garnishing her wages and eliminate her credit card debts so she could comfortably pay her students loans after her Discharge.